MITM Proxy

Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Proxy #

Forwarder can be used as a MITM proxy. It can be used to intercept and modify encrypted (HTTPS) traffic. At the moment HTTP/2 support is limited to frame relay, so it’s not possible to modify HTTP/2 traffic.

Generating CA certificate #

Forwarder can generate CA certificate automatically on startup. To do that, you need to specify --mitm flag. You can get the generated CA certificate from the API endpoint /cacert.

curl -o cacert.pem http://localhost:10000/cacert

This is the most secure way to generate the CA. It’s not possible to get certificate private key from Forwarder, and it’s not stored anywhere.

Alternatively, you can generate the CA certificate manually and provide it to Forwarder using --mitm-cacert and --mitm-cakey flags.

Installing the CA certificate #

To use the CA certificate, you need to add it to the list of trusted CA certificates in your browser or operating system. Note that in curl you can use --cacert flag to specify the CA certificate file without installing it.

curl --cacert cacert.pem

Firefox #

In Firefox you must install certificate separately from the operating system.

  • Go to about:preferences#privacy
  • Scroll down to Certificates section
  • Click View Certificates
  • Go to Authorities tab
  • Click Import
  • Select the CA certificate file
  • Check Trust this CA to identify websites
  • Click OK

macOS #

sudo security add-trusted-cert -d -r trustRoot -k /Library/Keychains/System.keychain cacert.pem

Linux #

sudo cp cacert.pem /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/forwarder-cacert.pem
sudo update-ca-certificates

Windows #

certutil -addstore -f "ROOT" cacert.pem

Enabling MITM only for specific hosts #

By default, Forwarder will intercept all HTTPS traffic. You can specify a list of domain regular expressions for which MITM should be enabled using --mitm-domains flag. The following example will enable MITM for all subdomains except

forwarder run --mitm --mitm-domains '.*\.example\.com$,-foo\.example\.com$'

Using the MITM proxy #

Make sure that Forwarder is running with --mitm flag and the CA certificate is installed. Then configure your browser to use Forwarder as a proxy server.

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